Tuesday, May 17, 2016

NETHERLANDS: Ilse Huizinga - Here's To Maya Angelou (2016)


01. A Caged Bird Sings (4:33)
02. Equality And I Will Be Free (3:01)
03. Turned To Blue (2:54)
04. The Old Ones (3:49)
05. Song For Willie (3:34)
06. Gamut (3:14)
07. Call Letters (3:58)
08. Work (4:46)
09. Poor Girl, Just Like Me (4:50)
10. Adhering (3:37)
11. The Human Family (3:20)
12. A Phenomenal Woman (2:45)

When American writer & poet Dr. Maya Angelou passed away in 2014, I discovered her extensive work of poetry. The mood, the tone and the strength of her poems touched me deeply and many of them seemed like natural lyrics to me. Maya Angelou found the words we seek to express and depict love, loss, hope and confidence. Her poems center on themes such as racism, identity, travel and love. The power of her words are still very perceptible and relevant to all of us, it seemed to me.
I began to collect the poems that resonated with me and that I felt most connected to. Within a few days, I asked Erik van der Luijt to put Maya's words to music for me. The result of our journey is here. I hope you will enjoy our efforts!