Thursday, March 3, 2016

USA: Rodolfo Zúñiga Surfaces-North Star (2016)

Rodolfo Zúñiga Surfaces | North Star 

The stillness of the North Star—aka Polaris—fascinates me. It is the brightest star directly above the North Pole, and the entire northern sky moves around it. Early astronomers and ancient civilizations used it as a guiding light to locate their place. North Star is the result of the my explorations and experiences in the past few years. When I look at the night sky I see the amazingl, spinning, chaos of life reflected above; in its stillness, Polaris is a symbol of balance and constancy. I would like to dedicate this album to the people who represent that shining light in my life.

Rodolfo Zuniga Surfaces:
Dave Fernandez-Tenor, Soprano and Alto Saxophone
Derek Fairholm-Piano and Fender Rhodes
Eric England-Contrabass
Rodolfo Zuniga-Drums
Special Guest: Karla Gutierrez on track 6

North Star is Rodolfo Zuniga's second album as a leader with his band Surfaces. For more information log in to: