Thursday, March 3, 2016

USA: The Bright Moments Quintet-Jazz Advice(2016)

The Bright Moments Quintet | Jazz Advice 

About Jazz Advice
This project would not have been possible without the generous donations of our kick-starter sponsors. THANK YOU! Special thanks to the Bright Moments Quintet, the Burns, Light, and Harrigan families, and everyone who encouraged us to follow this rainbow. About the songs…What is Jazz asks a question that has no real answer. Its goal is simply to remind the listener of the basic elements of Jazz and draw attention to some of the many Jazz giants. Mighty Man Kirk is a tribute to the great Ohio Jazz man Rahsaan Roland Kirk and the lessons we can learn from his legacy. Because We C.A.R.E. is based on a character education program at Cline Elementary in Centerville City Schools. C.A.R.E. is an anagram for “Citizenship, Accountability, Respect, and Empathy”. This piece includes the work of the lovely and talented Mrs. Carrie Burns, our guest flutist. Stolen Minutes is an instrumental work dedicated to Mrs. Carrie Burns and her beautiful etsy shop. To learn more, visit Jazzy Ohio features guest narrators Isabel and Clara Burns and hopes to bring some attention to a few of the many Jazz musicians from the Buckeye state! Thank you to the Jazz Education Connection of Ohio for inspiring this song. Visit to learn more. The Cell Phone Song is a comedic attempt to raise awareness for responsible cell phone use in the 21st century. It again features guest narrators Isabel and Clara Burns. The Bird is the Word is a tribute to the great saxophonist Charlie Parker and the musicians he worked with to create the jazz style we call Bebop. The Walking Down the Hall Song is based on a traditional children’s song “Over the Sea” and simply offers some advice for children while transitioning from class to class . Once Upon a Time is a tribute to Mr. John Burns and attempts to offer a perspective of life before television, cell phones, and the internet. Our Karaoke versions are designed as resources for karaoke singers and music educators. We hope you enjoy using them! For music or lyric sheets, contact Bill Burns at