Friday, March 4, 2016

USA: Jemal Ramirez-Pomponio (2015)

Jemal Ramirez | Pomponio
In 2013, I began making a greater attempt to play gigs and be on the music scene. Some of the musicians I have been working with over the past two years are Ben Torres (Pacific Mambo Orchestra), Cyril Guirard, Brian Ho, John Shifflet, Chris Shahin and The Cafe Stritch Jam Session.

I am aiming to play more gigs that are of the highest caliber of musicianship for audiences that know and respect jazz and improvisational music. I am interested in traveling in the summer especially for national and international music festivals.

Having refined my musicianship and organizational skills while band leading in public schools these past 9 years, I feel compelled to take on band leading in the professional world. I have reestablished musical associations with exceptionally talented colleagues and have made newer associations with colleagues of the highest caliber.

My most recently recorded project is my first solo album, titled “Pomponio”. It features the amazingly wonderful Warren Wolf on marimba and vibraphone, the remarkable Joel Behrman on trumpet, the sincerely feisty Howard Wiley on soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, the formidable Matthew Clark on piano, wise man John Shifflet on double bass, the groovin’ John Santos on percussion and myself on drum set and a plethora of cymbals.