Friday, March 4, 2016

USA After Hours Big Band- Kaleidoscope(2016)

After Hours Big Band | Kaleidoscope 

We play with the style, flair and dynamic range of the great Count Basie bands, add our own special feel for the music gained through twenty years of experience playing together as a unit, and apply it all to a kaleidoscope of great tunes ranging from classic big band jazz, to standards, to contemporary fusion.

We started life almost twenty years ago as a dance band where we learned to play hard, have fun and keep our dancers happy and out on the dance floor. We still play for dancers now and then, but over the years we’ve morphed into something much more and have developed a touch all our own.

Every tune asks for its own special treatment and we give each tune what it asks for. The band plays with a range of feeling as big and diverse as the tunes on this CD. Whether it’s the bluesy drive of a tune like Switch in Time, the sweetness of Dreamsville, the light-hearted fun of Cute, or the color and mystery of Madrid, this band stays true to the heart of each tune and brings it to you. Listen to a few of the sample tracks and you’ll see what we mean. (Ideally, we’d like to share all of every tune with you, but thirty seconds is all the site allows for covers.) We hope you like what you hear, are intrigued by the music and would like to take us home with you so you can hear more. Thanks for listening!