Tuesday, September 22, 2015

USA: Michael Bates - Northern Spy (Stereoscopic 2015)

Michael Bates | Northern Spy

01. Theme For A Blind Man
02. Essex House
03. Roxy
04. An Otis Theme On Curtis Changes
05. Bean
06. Wingnut
07. End Of History
08. The Days Of Wine And Roses
09. Northern Spy
10. Neptune

Michael Bates: double bass;
Michael Blake: tenor saxophone;
Jeremy “Bean” Clemons: drums.

"Like the finest blues recordings, this session was captured in the style of the band's live performances. Each track was captured in one, maybe two takes, and has that 'in the flesh' feel of a live recording. The aforementioned Coltrane thread is heard on "End Of History." Here, the band builds it's house upon the blues, just like the great man did with a song like "Alabama." The only track not penned by Bates here is Johnny Mandel's "Days Of Wine And Roses" which is artfully presented with just the right amount of melancholy. The disc ends with the heaviness of "Neptune," a song that draws equal parts from Trane and acoustic Led Zeppelin. Oh my! No, northern spies."