Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Keith Jarrett - Concerts: Bregenz Munich (ECM 2013)

The Bregenz/Munich concerts were Jarretts most brilliant live solo recordings to date; his level of inspiration is quite extraordinary, and the music covers a wider musical and emotional range than ever. --Jarrett biographer Ian Carr
After Bremen/Lausanne after The Koln Concert, after the epic Sun Bear Concerts, the next development in Jarretts solo concerts was the all-embracing music captured here. Two 1981 improvised concerts from Austria and Germany are featured, recorded respectively at the Festspielhaus Bregenz and the Herkulessaal Munich, venues noted for outstanding acoustics. While the Bregenz concert has hitherto been available as a single CD, this set marks the first appearance of the complete Munich performance on compact disc. The 3-CD set includes an extensive text booklet with liner notes by Keith Jarrett, an essay by Swiss critic Peter Ruedi, and poetry by Michael Kruger.