Saturday, February 23, 2019

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2018 Update: Manuel Muzzu - M²(Italy)

Manuel Muzzu – M²(Italy)- Stolen Notes
Composer:Manuel Muzzu
Album: New Stories – Old Hands
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The album is a concentrate of all of my music contamination, is in there lot of fusion jazz, smooth jazz, classic jazz and Latin jazz also, played by awesome musicians, where the bass guitar have the most important rule, played with a different techniques (fingering, slapping, muting), and had received lot of good reviews by specialized press.

About Manuel Muzzu 
I fell in love with a bass guitar when I was a 12 years old boy.I have an handicap on my right hand, due to a mistake by the doctors when I was six years hold, that prevent me to use all fingers.In effort to overcome my disability I worked hard on my own technique for play like a normal people,  just because the passion is stronger than destiny. But this is not enough, six years ago I got a cancer on my blood (Lynphoma), this convinced me to work for leave something before it was too late.    My songs are insipired by all the different sounds I manage to extract  from my 6 strings basses including what may sound like a conventional   guitar when i use it as an harmonic instruments as oppose to a slap or a straight forward fretless melodic one.  I recorded two album at my own names, in 2012 the first one “The Right Hand’s Miracle” over 3000 thousand copies sold, and the second on June of 2018 named “New Stories - Old Hands”