Saturday, August 4, 2018


"HYPER HARMONY" is a moment when the genre and instruments are crossed beyond the boundaries, and the waves of each human being sublimate to something out of specification by one song and performance. This work is a live recording work capturing the moment when a spectacular music world of Sinsuke Fujieda and nine musicians tranquility and explosion coexist. Saxophone player Masato Nakamura is participating in this work as a special guest. He is also famous as a saxophonist of MONDO GROSSO and SLEEP WALKER who co-starred with Pharoah Sanders and won popularity abroad. It is a work that you can not miss even if you catch the moment of collaboration with Sinsuke Fujieda. This album can be downloaded with high sound quality (48 kh 24 bit). SINSUKE FUJIEDA Musician. Music producer / composer. Multi lead player (sax, flute, harmonic flute, bamboo clarinet, ho mei etc). Living in Tokyo. He was impressed with listening to jazz saxophonist Charlie Parker when he was a high school student. Began Alto sax with 18 years old. He has released live and released in various forms. Activity at i-dep (Club jazz band popular in festival... more credits released July 20, 2018 HYPER HARMONY / SINSUKE FUJIEDA All Songs Written by Sinsuke Fujieda musicians SINSUKE FUJIEDA - Tenor & Soprano Sax, Flute, Harmonic Flute, Kalimba, Bamboo Clarinet MASATO NAKAMURA - Tenor & Soprano Sax TOSHI IIO - Piano SHIGERU KATO - Fretless Bass WINTERHAWK SPENCER - Voice, Djembe HIROSHI "eno" ENOMOTO - Percussions HIROSHI "Shimmy" SHIMIZU - Percussions SOREA SHIMAZU - Didgeridoo PALMECHO - Drums MASAAKI AOYAMA - Khoomie, Electric Sitar (3,4,5)