Monday, August 6, 2018

BRAZIL:Karol Guaitolini and her debut album DAMA DE PAUS (Queen of Clubs).

We'd like to introduce brazilian interperter Karol Guaitolini and her debut album DAMA DE PAUS (Queen of Clubs). High quality brazilian Music. 

Karol Guaitolini brings all brazilian rithym, swing and Envolting on her Music, between a glamorous voice, full of passion, strength and tenderness.

The brazilian artist is finalist of the most importants music prizes in Brazil (Prêmio da música brasileira, Prêmio Caymmi de música), and is now based in Portugal. In Lisbon she Just performed and started her international release concert DAMA DE PAUS - O Concerto. (Dama de Paus - The Concert).

DAMA DE PAUS is such a conceptual and independent project. It's a trip to the real great brazilian Music. Recomended by Roberto Menescal, Ivan Lins, Carlos Lyra and many others, it is A Mix of technical, pop, jazz, samba, modern sounds, arrangements and great vocal interpretation. No more words about Karol Guaitolini: Just Music!

DAMA DE PAUS, Karol Guaitolini
BRAZIL, Independent (dist. Tratore)

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