Saturday, June 16, 2018

USA: Theo Hill "Interstellar Adventures" (CAM JAZZ 2018)

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Pianist Theo Hill breaks orbit and embarks on a new mission with his latest release titled “Interstellar Adventures.” The musical program covers a wide spectrum of styles and sounds when Hill’s brilliant original compositions and arrangements are presented with the able assistance of his new acoustic/electric trio featuring bassist Rahsaan Carter and drummer Rudy Royston. Many listeners may already be familiar with Hill from his earlier work and will enjoy following him as he accelerates full speed ahead to navigate steadily away from the known and familiar into the uncharted depths of modern collective improvisation. With an amazing collection of talents and performances full of bright moments, jazz fans everywhere will swing with intense delight as Theo Hill soars to new heights with "Interstellar Adventures."
1. Interstellar Adventures 5:22 (Theo Hill)
2. Black Comedy 4:14 (Tony Williams)
3. Retrograde 4:55 (Theo Hill)
4. Cyclic Episode 3:44 (Sam Rivers)
5. The Comet 5:48 (Theo Hill)
6. Gyre 6:37 (Theo Hill)
7. Thorn Of A White Rose 4:26 (Jan Hammer)
8. Revelations 5:44 (Kenny Kirkland)
9. For Those Who Do 6:09 (Mulgrew Miller)
10. Enchanted Forest 3:38 (Theo Hill)

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