Friday, June 8, 2018

USA: Don Hodell Chilcote-With These Hands(2018)

Don Hodell Chilcote | With These Hands
A Collection Of Originals And Improvisations on Hymn Tunes from August 2017 Until May 2018. All played live and recorded with William Alan Washington. With these hands represents live tracks that all encompassing giving of whatever is in your hand at the moments of creativity and passion. With These hands was recorded over the first half of 2018, and some in late 2017 and represents some spirited piano and drum playing for preludes in a church service, as well as some studio tracks. Some charts and books are available at and also at Don Hodell Chilcote is a musician living in Cleveland, Ohio. He spends most of his time as a music educator, church pianist, and published composer of jazz, classical, gospel, vocal, and improvisatory idioms of inspirational original and sacred piano music. He completed a Masters in Music Composition from Ohio State University as well as BA from the University Of Rochester. Many of his compositions and recordings are published on Sheetmusicplus, Amazon, and Itunes. In his free time he is an avid explorer and a curious outdoor hiker and cyclist enjoying the journey to places unknown and photographing all the experiences before they disappear. As an educator, he is a person with a servant’s heart, giving to teaching of students, elevating worship, and pursuing artist endeavors.