Monday, June 11, 2018

USA: Chris White - Song for Rob (2018)

Song for Rob (feat. Tito Alcedo, Jesus Lavilla & Javier Mera)

01. Song for Rob (feat. Tito Alcedo, Jesus Lavilla & Javier Mera)
02. Light Returning (feat. Antonio Toledo, Nicholas Walker & Michael Wellen)
03. Flo (feat. Tito Alcedo)
04. Lejos del Mar (feat. Javier Ruibal & Fain S. Dueñas)
05. Gran Amor (feat. Nono Garcia & Javi Ruibal)
06. Encuentros (feat. Antonio Toledo & Fain S. Dueñas)
07. New Bossa (feat. Tito Alcedo & Javi Ruibal)
08. Lianna (feat. Antonio Toledo & Fain S. Dueñas)
09. Marce (feat. Antonio Toledo & Nicholas Walker)
10. Snowshine (feat. Nono Garcia & Javi Ruibal)
11. Marcy (feat. John White)

Based in Ithaca New York since the mid ’80s, Chris White has been exploring new directions for the cello since the late 1970’s. Whether playing in an intimate duo with piano or guitar, with a jazz string quartet, or with his groups the Cayuga Jazz Ensemble or the Cloud Chamber Orchestra, Chris’ playing has the vibrancy and the urgency of someone who is excited about what he is communicating.
White’s development as a jazz and improvisational cellist has been strongly affected by his guitar studies of folk, rock and jazz during his formative years. These studies were largely self taught, and focused on learning by ear, improvising, experimenting, and studying chords – things which cellists are usually not encouraged to do in traditional study. As he began applying these skills to the cello, he found it to be a wonderfully versatile instrument for playing all kinds of improvised music because he could play melodies, chords, and bass lines.
Chris White has performed in Europe, Canada, North Africa and the United States. While living in Granada, Spain for three years in the 1980’s, Chris played in a wide variety of groups including singer-songwriters, flamenco, Celtic, and jazz. Back in the U.S., Chris completed a Master’s Degree in Music Performance at Ithaca College.
In 1995, Chris founded the New Directions Cello Association and Festival, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting non-classical uses of the cello. Every year since then he has been the director of the annual New Directions Cello Festival, which has brought a who's who of innovative cellists to it's stages around the US and in Europe.