Thursday, May 31, 2018

USA: Lynne Arriale Trio- Give Us These Days(Challenge 2018)

Whether as a soloist or leader of the ensembles Lynne Arriale’s artistry and influence are profound, have elevated her stature as composer, arranger and performer to a renown shared by few other jazz musicians.

Jazz, especially as played by a small ensemble such as the Lynne Arriale Trio, breaks with the tradition to speak with one voice and grants the musicians an opportunity for individual creativity and spontaneous interaction. Therefore, it may be more accurate to characterize jazz performance as a musical conversation among the players shared with an audience. Jazz, the most democratic music, charges each musician with an obligation to accompany and support the others, but it also grants each one a number of occasions to lead the band with a solo.

Group interaction as practiced by this trio is a fine blend of virtuoso playing, individual assertiveness, selflessness, cooperation and a shared commitment to fashion an ensemble sound greater than the sum of its parts.

“Give Us These Days” is ambitious in its conception and its unbridled sense of wonder. Evolved from the creative genius that foretold her reputation as an extraordinary piano poet and composer, the six original tunes and three arrangements on this CD chart a new course for the trio. It leads, ever so gently, to the chambers of the heart, there to reflect upon the precious and ephemeral nature of existence. What emerges is the theme of this record, brilliantly illuminated by the title track: Given the unpredictability and impermanence of life, savor each moment.

Her playing on these pieces is powerful; informed by rigorous classical training, prodigious technique, and seemingly boundless creativity. There is more; a quiet morality nurtured by her unflagging devotion to this music, unfettered by ego, and lifted by a palpable sense of spiritual equanimity.