Monday, May 28, 2018

USA: Kevin Pike-FUNK 204 (2018)

FUNK 204 by Kevin Pike
1. That Big Ol' Chunka Funk is Back
2. In the Summer Times
3. TRASH-80
4. Bag O' Tricks
5. 68940
6. The Fifth Parallel
7. Mr. Badass
8. Bring it On Home
"Jazz Saxophone: Saxophone is my main instrument. I've played in many jazz groups over the years. These include free jazz groups like the Pike/Kotchian Duo, Flamethrower and the SPK trio. I also love playing traditional jazz in a combo setting. One of my favorite formats is the duo, with sax/bass or sax/guitar. I also love jazz/funk and fusion. My latest release FUNK 204 is a jazz/funk project with an incredible band made up of musicians from Omaha" website