Sunday, May 13, 2018

USA: Debut Release From Drummer Greg Burrows "Tell Your Story"

 Debut Release From Drummer
Greg Burrows
"Tell Your Story"

Greg Burrows - drums/leader
Bob DeVos - guitar
Harvie S - bass
Dave Childs - piano
John Fumasoli - trombone
(on Sometime Ago)
Jamie Finegan - trumpet/flugelhorn
(on Sometime Ago and Falling)

Produced by:
2018 NEA Jazz Master Todd Barkan

After years of work as a session drummer and sideman on many music projects, bands, theater/dance productions, and professional New York music jobs of all kinds, Greg Burrows steps out of the role of anonymous behind-the-scenes drummer, and makes an original statement as leader on new 2018 album release *Tell Your Story* (May 2018 radio release, CDs/digital downloads available now). Friends and colleagues who have previewed the music note that it's similar to a classic jazz record, yet has a fresh, contemporary sound; the recording quality is excellent; and the vibes are positive and avoid being mathematically challenging or intensely brooding.

It's good-time music, with lots of creative surprises and a romantic flair.

Fans of Bob DeVos and jazz guitar in general will find much to dig into here, as well as deft and soulful performances by veteran bassist Harvie S.

Dave Childs is a pianist who definitely fits the 'deserving wider recognition' award, and the horn players are premier working brass players in the Tri-State NY/NJ/CT area.

Producer Todd Barkan added sparkle and depth to the one-day session on which the music was created, as well as subtle magical touches to the final mix/mastering process. He also brought a lot of smiles to the proceedings with hilarious anecdotes and stories from his days running San Francisco's famed Keystone Korner to the present day. The joy he and all the players brought to the recording session reflects clearly in the music.

3. FALLING 5:59
6. BLUE PRINT 5:34

Arranged by Greg Burrows (tracks 1 & 5); Harvie S (track 3); Bob DeVos (tracks 4 & 6)

GREG BURROWS – drums; BOB DeVOS – guitar; HARVIE S – bass;
DAVE CHILDS – piano;JAMIE FINEGAN – trumpet (tracks 3 & 5);
JOHN FUMASOLI – trombone (track 5)

Dedicated to the memory of Walter Abdul Urban.
"Greg Burrows has put together a fabulous recording with a phenomenal ensemble that compliments his deft and tasty playing. 'Tell Your Story' is very much the voice of today while at the same time draws from and honors the traditions of yesterday's jazz greats. Truly a listening pleasure and a masterpiece of our day. Also, the front cover and back are beautifully designed, and the inside pic a great addition! Love it all.”
  • Janet Zamparo, PR/Fundraising Consultant 

“I’ve been listening [to Tell Your Story] and it all immediately put a big smile on my face, despite the fact that I wouldn’t exactly call myself a even a novice when it comes to jazz. Thank you for bringing forth this music!”

  • Ariel Rudiakov
Co-founder and Director
Taconic Music, Inc.;
Music Director and Conductor,
Danbury Symphony Orchestra 

Bill Charlap:
“Beautiful recording, Greg. You sound great and the other musicians and repertoire choices are wonderful. Congratulations!”

Loren Schoenberg (Founder/Director, National Jazz Museum of Harlem):

“[Tell Your Story] is really wonderful - so refreshing to hear such honest music. Congrats, Greg, on a job well done.”