Thursday, May 17, 2018

ROMANIA: VIDEO: Florin Raducanu with Belarusian Philharmonic Orchestra

Jazz Ecumenica Symphonic Jazz Poem composed by Florin Raducanu
World Premiere at Minsk 2016
1. Mapamond Pictures
2. Jazz Passacaglia
3. Saints Tryptich (Tribute to Marry Magdalene, Song for St.Anthony, Awe Ave Virgin Marry
4. Sketches of Falla

Florin Raducanu- piano & compositions & orchestrations
Belarusian Philarmonic Orchestra - conductor- Alexander Anisimov
special guest : Dalila Cernatescu- panflute
Andrei Kleșchev (saxofon ten.), Viaceslav Serghienko(contrabas) și Alexandr Mineț (drums