Thursday, May 10, 2018

GREECE:Christos Asonitis- An Ode To The Light(2018)

"An Ode to the Light" - a lyrical and tensional musical story.
The drummer Christos Asonitis, born in Athens in 1974, after years of active presence in the Greek jazz scene, lives and creates in Munich since 2012. With "An Ode To The Light", he presents his own compositions and arrangements for the first time as a bandleader.
Along with Bastien Rieser, a promising young trumpeter, the Hungarian Mark Pusker with the warm and brilliant sound of his saxophone, the multi creative pianist Maruan Sakas as well as the sought-after bassist Lorenz Heigenhuber.
The listeners experience an electrifying symbiosis of modern jazz and elements inspired by the composer's personal experiences as well as by historical and mythological events of his homeland. The spectrum ranges from lyrical-melodic moods with fine Greek folkloric elements, polyphonic sound images up to rousing rhythms, which form a virtuosic tension.
”Christos Asonitis is such an ingenious and unobtrusive, highly cultured and exuberant drummer, who gives the small set a great abundance of nuances without slipping into routine mechanics."
(The New Listener, May 2016)