Tuesday, May 8, 2018

GERMANY: Stefanie Boltz — The Door(2018)

"Singer Stefanie Boltz is one of Gemany’s most prolific vocalists. Besides her award-winning Duo Le Bang Bang with Bassist Sven Faller she has firmly established herself as a versatile songwriter with a powerful Quartet comprised of some of Europe’s finest musicians. 2018 sees the release of her new opus “The Door”, an album that truly pushes open a wide array of musical and thematic doors for the amazed listener. From the heavy guitars of the title track “The Door” to the airy acoustic Pop of „Adorable Stupid Girls“ or the rough and down-to-earth Blues of „Stones Shape“, the music is as richly nuanced and dynamic as her voice. Stefanie Boltz is telling soulful stories that get under your skin." http://www.stefanieboltz.de