Friday, April 27, 2018

SPAIN: Alexis Alonso Quartet- in (2018)

Videopromo of Alexis Alonso Quartet's album, "IN" on sale during 2018. "IN" is the new project of pianist and composer Alexis Alonso and his band (Ciro Hernández (Cello), Agustín Buenafuente (Cb) and Roberto Amor (Dr.)). More info at
Videopromo del álbum de Alexis Alonso Quartet, "IN", a la venta durante 2018. Se trata del nuevo proyecto del pianista y compositor Alexis Alonso acompañado por Ciro Hernández (Vc), Agustín Buenafuente (Cb) y Roberto Amor (Bat). + info en