Thursday, April 5, 2018

LUXEMBOURG: Maxime Bender Universal Sky(CAM JAZZ 2018)

Maxime Bender Universal Sky

Maxime Bender        tenor & soprano saxophones
Manu Codjia             guitar
Jean-Yves Jung        Hammond organ B3
Jérôme Klein            drums


"Maxime Bender is a performer in the Wayne Shorter mode. His harmonic ideas are subtle and shifting, sometimes so exquisitely placed that it’s hard to hear just how sophisticated they are. His melodies are both poetic and crisply discursive... His plangent soprano sound, very different to Shorter’s or Coltrane’s, is very much an extension of his tenor playing. Some exponents treat them as quite different instruments. Bender seems to have developed a common language for them, and the exciting thing about many of these exquisite songs is that one can easily imagine them arranged or even orchestrated in different ways, voiced up or down, the kind of compositions that might easily be taken up by others and absorbed into the repertory.” (Brian Morton)


Worldwide release: February 23, 2018

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