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GREECE/USA: Dimitri Vassilakis "Jazz Democracy” at the United Nations New York for International Jazz Day Monday April 30th

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or by phone: 212-4791349
entrance 46th Street and 1st Avenue
New York

Supported by the Permanent Mission Of Greece at the UN.
6:30pm at the United Nations New York,Trusteeship Council Chamber Hall. Monday April 30th
Dimitri Vassilakis presents “Jazz Democracy”.

Concept in brief:
A unique forum/performance to showcase how jazz, this great American art form has become global and has embraced the broad democratic values that were first established in ancient Greece.
Also how jazz as a universal language can teach us again how to develop dialogue in equal terms and communicate in a more humane, democratic and creative way.

The presentation at the United Nations in New York focuses on concept elements in a jazz performance that can be utilized and embraced when we approach work environment, social, cultural or political issues.
It will also showcase how jazz has always accepted and integrated minority groups, an issue especially relevant to the present day and age of global economic and refugee crisis.
On the other end it will also comment on education, connection with dance, visual arts plus new technologies in art and society and the ongoing dialogue with artificial intelligence.
This global event coincides with International Jazz Day celebrations by UNESCO, Thelonius Monk Institute and April jazz appreciation month established by the Smithsonian Institute.

Dimitri Vassilakis will coordinate, talk and perform with an international jazz ensemble of famous jazz legends and personalities from the arts, humanities and science.

Guest Speakers: 
- Maria Theofili Permanent Representative of Greece at the UN.
- Dave Liebman: NEA jazz master, founder and artistic director of IASJ International Association of Schools of Jazz.
- Stavros Lambrinidis: European Union’s Special Representative for Human Rights and ex-minister of Greek Foreign Affairs.
- Spike Wilner: Smalls and Mezzrow 2 historic NY jazz clubs owner and acclaimed jazz pianist.
- Jeff «Tain» Watts celebrated top drummer worldwide.
- Gil Weinberg: head of robotics and AI at Georgia Tech Music department. Collaborator of Dimitri Vassilakis for jazz mapping project.
- Alan Bates: Director of historic jazz label Candid Records (will appear on video or skype).
- Jeanne Bresciani: director of Isadora Duncan International Institute New York IDII.
- Lydia Venieri: Greek visual artist living in New York.
- Aidan Levy: jazz critic, author, Jazz Journalist Association.

Jazz Democracy International Ensemble:
David Liebman, Jeff «Tain» Watts, Benito Gonzales, Essiet Essiet, Spike Wilner, Craig Bailey, Sylvia Cuenca andinternational jazz musicians living and studying in New York.

Aims, goals:
With “jazz democracy” as a unifying umbrella the aim is to integrate musicians, artists and performers from different ethnicities and backgrounds with the aid of new technologies, to show how effective and valuable can be this type of communication, collaboration and appreciation to other aspects of social and cultural life.
“Jazz Democracy NPO”is a non-profit organization dedicated to organize open discussions, forums, performances educational activities and workshops to deliver and spread the jazz and democracy spirit through the global community.

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