Monday, April 9, 2018

GERMANY: Kicks'n Sticks - Das Was Bleibt (2018)

Kicks'n Sticks is the professional jazz orchestra of the Rhine-Neckar Metropolitan Region and unites many of the best jazz musicians living here. The existing since 2002 band today includes a musician pool of over 30 musicians. Kicks'n Sticks has set itself the task of presenting the entire history and range of orchestral jazz in artistically high-quality performances.
Kicks'n Sticks has u.a. played with Bill Ramsey, Janice Dixon, Xavier Naidoo and Marc Marschall. From these varied concert experiences, Kicks'n Sticks has developed over the years an extremely extensive repertoire ranging from the swing of the 1930s to contemporary world premieres.
Today, the musical direction of the band is distributed equally on Frank Runhof, as well as Martin S. Schmitt and Jochen Welsch, all of whom contribute as well-versed composers and arrangers to the independent sound of Kicks'n Sticks.

01. Hi-Heel Sneakers (6:45)
02. Spring (4:05)
03. Non Ti Scudari Mai (5:27)
04. Here's That Rainy Day (5:45)
05. What...? (8:42)
06. I've Never Been In Love Before (5:16)
07. It's All Right With Me (3:55)
08. You Are Here (7:17)
09. Das Was Bleibt: Prelude (2:40)
10. Das Was Bleibt (6:20)
11. Liebeslied (4:56)
12. Zeralda's World: Prelude (0:51)
13. Zeralda's World (2:39)
14. Cloak And Dagger (5:51)

Conductors: Jochen Welsch, Frank Runhof, Martin Sebastian Schmitt
feat. Ingolf Burkhardt - trumpet, Stephanie Neigel - vocals, Juliette Brouset - vocals, Thomas Stabenow - double bass
Woodwinds: Tim Hurley (lead), Olaf Schönborn (lead), Fabian Schöne (lead), Gary Fuhrmann, Cordula Hamacher, Nicolai Pfisterer, Sebastian Nagler
Trombones: Marcus Franzke (lead), Garrelt Sieben (lead), Thomas Weiland, Peter Hedrich, Frederic Andrej (b-tb)
Trumpets & Flugelhorns: Jens Müller (lead), Claus Löhr (lead), Alexander Hartmann, Stephan Udri, Janis Hug, Heiko Hubmann
Rhythm Section: Rocco Dürlich - Guitar; Volker Engelberth - Grand Piano, Electric Piano; Friedrich Betz - Double Bass, Electric Bass; Dominik Raab - Drums