Wednesday, March 28, 2018

USA/SPAIN: Bill McHenry- BEN ENTRADA LA NIT(Fresh Sound 2018)

Ben entrada la nit

Bill McHenry (ts), Eric Revis (b), R.J. Miller (d)

From the beginning of my musical associations with Eric Revis and RJ Miller, alongside our professional duties came a fast friendship—the kind where post performance we’d join the social environment, and often continue after in someone’s house or hotel room with spirited conversion, information, laughter, and sharing music, film or basketball. As we went well into the
night, the bluest and brightest moments were all accepted, and we were able to fully enjoy the dignity of good company, like so many musicians have and will forever.

Here we have the example of that passing in music. This is the recording of
the very first notes (and last, so far) played together by Eric Revis and RJ
Miller over a couple days in the fascinating Catalan city where I live,
Barcelona. For our first 3 songs we start in a musician-loved venue named
for its address—Robadors 23—with a live audience, and later we transition
for the rest of the album to saxophonist Sergi Felipe’s recording studio
Underpool in the beautiful hills surrounding the city, and continue well into
the night, or in Catalan they would say “Ben Entrada La Nit”.

-Bill McHenry (From the inside liner notes)

01. Ben Entrada la Nit (William McHenry) 13:45
02. Dancin', Ya'll Come (William McHenry) 14:58
03. Ain't Seen You Since Last Time (William McHenry) 10:30
04. The Elephant (Eric Revis) 6:59
05. John Daniel (William McHenry) 3:35
06. El Mapa (William McHenry) 3:40
07. Mean to Me (Fred H. Alert) 4:28

Fresh Sound