Sunday, March 25, 2018

CANADA: Emie R Roussel Trio - Intersections (EFFENDI 2017)

During the past two years, the Trio has had the privilege of presenting their music in eleven countries on four continents. The time spent together discovering other cultures during these trips deeply impacted and inspired the Trio, who are back with a whole new level of complicity and mutual understanding on their new album, Intersections. The hard-won musical cohesion of the group’s three members puts a particular spotlight on groove and melody via a sound at times more acoustic, at others more electric. On their respective journeys, the members of the group had the chance to cross paths with musicians who affected them tremendously. This inspired the idea to bring together the evolving musical universe of the Trio with the influences of three special guests, for each of whom was written a unique composition that would best benefit from their collaboration. Thus the album consists of seven tunes as a trio, and three as a quartet, presenting in their turn Guadeloupean singer and songwriter Malika Tirolien, Canadian/New-Zealand trumpeter Lex French, and Canadian bassist Norman Lachappelle. These precious shared moments, and each member’s creativity, meet at the crossroads of their respective paths, the intersections of their musical odysseys…(EFFENDI)

Musicians :
Emie RRoussel - pn, Nicolas Bedard - el. bass & upright bass, Dominic Cloutier - drums
Guests :
Malika Tirolien - voice, Lex French - trp, Norman Lachapelle - el. bass