Monday, February 26, 2018

USA/BRAZIL: Lupa Santiago / Sergio Galvao / Clement Landais / Franck Enouf -2X2(ORIGIN 2018)

Two widely respected Brazilian musicians, originally meeting and performing together on a 2014 tour, saxophonist Sergio Galvao & guitarist Lupa Santiago developed a quick and exciting rapport, vowing to work more together. Soon after a second tour, Galvao relocated to France where he formed a trio with two dynamic French musicians, bassist Clement Landais and drummer Franck Enouf, making plans to record as a trio in the spring of 2017. By coincidence, Lupa was touring Europe during the same period and the idea to join the trio's recording was born. Meeting in the studio in Normandy on the first day of recording, they brought their compositions and after many jokes concerning soccer, the name for the recording and band came very easily: 2x2. The music presented is fully jazz, but infused with rich experiences and deep influence from their own cultures and travels.