Tuesday, February 27, 2018

CANADA: Eric St-Laurent-Mustard Arizona (2018)

Eric St-Laurent | Mustard Arizona
Guitarist Eric St-Laurent proudly releases his 10th album to date, entitled ‘Mustard Arizona’.

The warm acoustic jazz set is a departure for St-Laurent, who has previously favoured more angular settings.

“I’ve never recorded a standards album before but I’ve always listened to, performed and loved the music. I wanted to wait until I had something to add to the conversation.”

Long time Toronto colleagues O’Connor, Fias and Pacanowski shine on the nine songs, diving in the set with total commitment and virtuosity.

Born and raised in Montreal, St-Laurent studied improvisation in New York before moving to Berlin where he toured with both the big and small names of the German and Scandinavian music scenes. Winner of the SOCAN award for Best Original Composition at the Montreal Jazz Festival and The Best Band Award at the Vienne (France) Jazz Festival, he has been featured on over 100 recordings, produced multiple albums, composed scores for short films and theatre, and toured in Europe and North America.