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USA: Cody Carpenter’s Interdependence (Blue Canoe Records 2018)

New Release from Blue Canoe Records

Cody Carpenter is a third generation musician. His father, John Carpenter, is a director and composer and his mother, Adrienne Barbeau, is a star of film, television and in Broadway Stage. His grandfather, Howard Carpenter, was a founding member of the Nashville Strings. His Album, “Cody Carpenter’s Interdependence”, culminates the creative DNA of his past with a focus bent towards his future.
Featuring: Cody Carpenter (keys/guitar)Jimmy Haslip (bass)Scott Seiver(drums)Virgil Donati (drums), PJ D'arti (guitar), John Spiker (mix/master).

80’s Prog-Fusion Reimagined

Atlanta, GA (December 12th, 2017) - Blue Canoe Records will release “Cody Carpenter’s
Interdependence”, the debut effort from Cody Carpenter on January 26th, 2018. Mr. Carpenter
combines the best of 80’s synth-pop with the jazz / rock fusion of that time to create a complex,
breakneck brew that both inspires and energizes.

Cody Carpenter is the son of Adrienne Barbeau, a star of film, television and the Broadway stage, and legendary Academy Award winning writer, actor, compose, producer and director John Carpenter. The Senior Carpenter is best know for classic horror films (Halloween, The Fog, The Thing) and sci-fi thrillers (Escape From new York, Starman). As a composer, he is
known for synthesizer-based pieces and is perhaps best known for the theme song to the movie Halloween (1978). It is not difficult to see how Cody Carpenter comes by his synthesizer based compositions. Cody was introduced to his first musical instrument around the age of three and has been playing and composing original music ever since. In addition to contributing music for two of his father’s films, Vampires (1998) and Ghosts of Mars (2001), Carpenter composed and performed the full-length score for “Cigarette Burns” and “Pro-Life” in Showtime’s Masters of Horror (2005) movie series. Cody co-wrote, co-produced, and performed on the acclaimed Lost Themes (2015) and Lost Themes II (2016) with his father and Daniel Davies. In 2016 and 2017 Cody toured North America and Europe with his father and a six piece band, performing material from both Lost Themes albums and his father’s films.

Cody Carpenter opens his debut with the expansive track “Jinrai Fuuretsu”. The Emerson Lake
and Palmer drenched opener rushes out of the gate like a tornado. Mr Carpenter’s driving synth
melody bashes up against the phenomenal rhythm section of Scott Seiver (drums) and Jimmy
Haslip (bass). Mr. Seiver has worked with current pop stars including Aimee Mann, Jack
Johnson and Jason Mraz. He also drummed on Grammy award winning recordings for
Tenacious D and Flight of the Conchords. Mr. Haslip was a founding member of jazz fusion
superstars The Yellowjackets and has worked with Bruce Hornsby, Chaka Khan, Al Jarreau and
Donald Fagen among others. The track opens powerfully and then soars wistfully before Mr.
Carpenter drives the listener back home to its powerful opening theme…only to spin back to a
thoughtful passage. The track resolves only to leave the listener yearning for further insight.
Another track of note is “Thinking Of What Might Be”. Mr. Carpenter’s gracious synth melody
drifts out in front of the tight, pulsating rhythmic punches. While much of Cody’s music is fairly complex, this straight-forward tune harkens a daydream on a sunny afternoon. Mr. Carpenter
even steps out with a contemplative guitar solo midway through that sits perfectly afloat on the
steady rhythmic offering.

“Cody Carpenter’s Interdependence” is a brilliant entry for Cody Carpenter that has been a
long time coming. Drawing on the many years of playing with John Carpenter and his
accomplices, Cody finds his own unique voice all while the accepting the independence he has
come by honestly. “Cody Carpenter’s Interdependence” deserves a serious listen.

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