Saturday, January 27, 2018

CANADA, QUEBEC: François Bourassa Quartet- Number 9 (Efendi 2017)

8 Rue de l’Hotel de Ville composed by François Bourassa

Quebec pianist François Bourassa discusses the inspiration for the title of his new recording, « Number 9 ». A noted composer, improviser and pianist, Bourassa stretches the boundaries of jazz in an original oeuvre that is both free, and highly detailed in its conception. Bourassa is widely regarded as a principal mentor in the Montreal music community, inspiring countless musicians with his rich blend of European classical harmony and an imaginative approach to the piano. He perhaps best embodies the Francophone jazz scene in Quebec.

Francois Bourassa with Guy Boisvert, André Leroux, Greg Ritchie
Recorded at Cabaret Lion d’Or 11.10.2017
Audio recording by Randy Cole. A film by Randy Cole