Monday, December 4, 2017


JAZZ FLUTE TRADITIONS ALBUM COVERWith his Caribbean heritage, Classical training and a unique, rhythmic & melodic approach to Jazz improvisation, Nestor Torres shows his deep respect and knowledge of the tradition of Jazz and Latin Jazz Flute in its purest forms with his 15th album release, JAZZ FLUTE TRADITIONS. This eleven-song offering pays homage to legendary Jazz Flute pioneers like Herbie Mann and Eric Dolphy, as well as Torres’ idol and mentor, Hubert Laws. “For years I’ve wanted to pay tribute to the Jazz Flute pioneers that opened the way for us”, says Nestor. “I am excited to finally make this dream project a reality with Alfi Records.”
Nestor Torres defies the daunting task of bringing together what would seem to be an incongruent mix & match of unrelated pieces by creating a cohesive and exciting narrative of the rich, deep and somewhat overlooked contribution of the flute to the Jazz cannon. His very personal renditions of mid-20th century standards are themselves a contribution to Jazz Flute Traditions to come in the 21st century and beyond.
NESTOR TORRES: JAZZ FLUTES TRADITIONS is a revelation of Nestor Torres' essence, prowess and artistry, as he stands on the shoulders of and pays a most worthy tribute to those who came before him.