Friday, December 1, 2017

USA: Euge Groove - Groove On! (2017)

Groove On!
 2017 release. For over 15 years saxophonist Euge Groove has been a consistent best-seller on the Contemporary Jazz charts, scoring hit after hit at Smooth Jazz radio, including more than half a dozen #1 hits, and hitting #1 on the Billboard Contemporary Jazz chart; in short, Euge Groove is one of the genre's stars. Groove On! Delivers Euge Groove's trademark funk/jazz grooves on a wide-ranging set including potential radio hits as well as feel-good album tracks. Highlights include a sparkling guest vocal from new Contemporary Jazz vocal sensation Lindsey Webster (who has recently topped the Smooth Jazz radio charts as well) and fellow Smooth Jazz star, guitarist Peter White.

01. Sonnet Xl (Steven Grove, Euge Songs) (5:20)
02. Groove On (Steven Grove, Euge Songs) (4:42)
03. Free Time (Steven Grove, Euge Songs) (5:04)
04. The Healing (Steven Grove, Euge Songs) (5:58)
05. Round and Round (Steven Grove, Euge Songs) (4:53)
06. Euge One-Oh-One (Steven Grove, Euge Songs) (5:30)
07. Last Call (Steven Grove, Euge Songs) (5:44)
08. Saturday Afternoon (Steven Grove, Euge Songs) (4:48)
09. Always Love You (feat. Lindsey Webster) (Steven Grove, Lindsey Webster, Euge Songs) (6:55)
10. Groove On (reprise) (Steven Grove, Euge Songs) (1:07)
11. The Healing (cinema) (5:57)

Euge Groove - Soprano Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Flute;
Tracy Carter- Piano;
Tim Heinz – B3
Jubu Smith - Guitar;
Peter White (track: 6) - Nylon Guitar;
Cornelius Mims - Bass;
Lenny Castro - Percussion;
Trevor Lawrence Jr. (track: 1,3,5-8), Dan Needham (track: 2,4,9-11) - Drums.
Lindsey Webster - Vocal (track: 9).