Thursday, December 14, 2017

NORWAY/RUSSIA: Olga Konkova & Jens Thoresen - Old Songs (2017)

01. Futile Sentiments (4:14)
02. Lamento (7:00)
03. Blue In Green (4:13)
04. Bossa Verde (4:43)
05. The Things We Could Have Been (6:51)
06. Minor Tweaks (4:03)
07. One Day! (5:13)
08. Slow Walk (5:36)
09. Tristissimo (7:10)
10. Sol (4:14)

Olga Konkov and Jens Thoresen seemingly can't sit down for a chat without something beautiful coming out. Each has a mellifluous touch on their instrument, but their eloquent back-and-forth chemistry is the bigger part of what makes their duo recordings special. Following on from the holiday collection December Songs (Losen, 2016), the pair sticks to the same approach of re-shaping their source songs almost beyond recognition, producing another excellent release suitable for late-night quiet moments during any time of year.