Wednesday, December 20, 2017

AUSTRALIA: Sludge Part-Sludge Party(2017)

Sludge Party | Sludge Party

Anna Joy Gordon- Baritone Saxophone
Aviva Endean- Bass Clarinet
Justin Marshall- Drums and production
Recorded by Justin Marshall
Mastered by Naomune Anzai

Its a bird, its an egg, its Sludge Party! ..the anti-heros of swamp tango, ready to rip hearts out and replace them with musical cigars and shiny-cranky honk fuzz that tastes very fine, sweetly smokey, and reminiscent of your grandmas bottom drawer put through a coffee grinder and sprinkled in the back carriage of the last train on. Its music for your ears and it was made with baritone sax, bass clarinet and some trashy percussion. 3 musicians sharing a love of broken grooves, music concrete and other worldly sounds.
Carl Bartlett, Jr.-Promise!