Friday, November 24, 2017

USA: Jazz Passengers - Still Life With Trouble EPK

The Jazz Passengers announce the release of "Still Life With Trouble" in March 2017 - their 30th anniversary release on Thirsty Ear Records (North America + the rest of the world) Enja/Yellowbird Records (Europe, Japan) 

This film was directed by Douglas Sloan and produced by the amazing team at Icontent Films. Musicians: Roy Nathanson – Saxophone, Voice, Poetry Curtis Fowlkes – Trombone, Voice Bill Ware – Vibraphone, Rhodes, Voice Brad Jones – Bass, Voice Sam Bardfeld – Violin E.J. Rodriguez – Percussion, Drums, Waterphone, Voice Ben Perowsky – Drums Marc Ribot – Guitar on Wake Up, Again! Still Life With Trouble Production: Produced and Engineered by Hugo Dwyer Executive Producers – Peter Gordon, Werner Aldinger Recorded at Brooklyn Recording, Brooklyn, NY Second Engineer - Adam Tilzer Additional Recording at La Sous-Sol de Roi Mixed Out Back Where the Horse Used to Live Cover photo – Ruth Leonard Mastering by –Christoph Stickel