Saturday, November 25, 2017

USA: David S. Ware Quartet- Renunciation (2017)

David S. Ware: tenor saxophone
Matthew Shipp: piano
William Parker: bass
Guillermo E. Brown: drums

Renunciation presents the momentous final US performance by David S. Ware's revered Quartet. The entire performance – from the band introduction to full real-time applause is here – live at Vision Festival XI on June 18, 2006 at the Orensanz Art Center in New York City. Featuring three brand new compositions (the beauty ballad Ganesh Sound, the epic Renunciation Suite centerpiece, and the condensed encore), this concert and exquisite recording thereof shows the Quartet at yet another height of their powers. A magnificent performance by one of the greatest Jazz bands the world will ever know, and which was indeed their very last in the country which birthed them.

"The work of jazz titan David S. Ware seems to grow more refined, more ambitious, and more majestic as time moves on. Renunciation, featuring Ware's formidable quartet, is taken from a 2006 live date and contains seven compositions, each of which glows, morphs, startles, and seemingly reinvents the sonic stratosphere. Ware and company... more
released October 20, 2017