Monday, November 6, 2017

GERMANY:Bugge Wesseltoft "Everybody Loves Angels" (ACT 2017)
„One of the most beautiful albums of the year.”

„Wesseltoft knows how to move an audience with reduced means. Even haters of Christmas will get wet eyes here.”
- Kulturnews (DE)

„Wesseltoft has a vision of a more loveable world. On the piano he pictures this vision.”
- Jazzpodium (DE)

„Wesseltoft concentrates the maximum emotion without unnecessary twists. It’s particularly this courage of leaving all secondary parts out and fill these spaces with his own fantasy, that makes the magic of his interpretations. This album serves as a decelerating bastion of calm.”
- (DE)

„The nordic piano album of the year.”
- Nordische Musik (DE)

„Noise reducing caresses for a troubled era.”
- Dagens Nyheter (NO)

“So beautiful, airy, clean - like fresh snow on the top of the Lofoten.”
- Dagbladet (NO)

“An album that offers peace and quiet.”
- Aftenposten (NO)

“Bugge Wesseltoft creates music to come back to many times, an oasis in the constant noise that surrounds us.”
- Lira (SE)

There can be very few musicians who are capable of making silence as audibly vivid as the Norwegian Bugge Wesseltoft, in particular in his solo piano recordings. For twenty years, the most successful of these, “It’s Snowing On My Piano”, has been treasured as a haven of wintry stillness and contemplation. It is a classic album. Listeners all over Europe have responded to it by giving it a permanent place in their lives. So now Bugge Wesseltoft and producer Siggi Loch have returned to the original concept of “Snowing” in “Everybody Loves Angels”. The title is a metaphor for the kind of weightless ease which the music conveys; and this time it's not just for winter...