Tuesday, October 24, 2017

SWEDEN: Umeå Jazz Festival 50TH EDITION

Umeå Jazz Festival celebrates it´s 50th year – and is celebrating properly with a jubilee year which extends all the way up to next year’s festival.
This the year-long celebration includes the grand jubilee project 50th Edition Jazz Orchestra which occupies the Idun stage at Umeå Folkets Hus Saturday 28 October 2017. The concert emerges several musicians who all has taken great impression of Umeå’s music heritage and added their own unique qualities.
One of Scandinavia’s oldest festivals
The jazz life in Umeå has a unique history that extends far more than half a century back in time. Since it´s inception in 1968, the Umeå Jazz Festival is one of the city’s musical highlights, with a reputation as one of Scandinavia’s oldest and most respected festivals.

Lennart Strömbäck, Artistic Director since 1991:
– Umeå has nurtured the growth of a vibrant club scene with the flagship Umeå JazzStudio, one of the country’s leading scenes for live jazz music since 1977, and raised a serie of sharp musicians, many with international renomme. In addition, we have a large and loyal audience. All in all, this makes Umeå a fantastic metropol that both inspires and creates a place for development and new ideas!

This year’s festival will take place 25-29 October and begins at NorrlandsOperan – which also has the role as the organizer – and ends at Umeå JazzStudio. From Thursday to Sunday most of the concerts takes place at Umeå Folkets Hus´different scenes.