Thursday, October 26, 2017

GERMANY: Magic Moments 10 "In the Spirit of Jazz" (ACT 2017) 
Magic Moments 10 "In the Spirit of Jazz"

“Times may change, but one thing doesn't: music has a unique power to affect people. ACT’s commitment has been, is, and will remain to release recordings which appeal to the heart, engage the mind and awaken the soul.”

Siggi Loch

25 years ago in 1992, music manager and producer Siggi Loch founded ACT. The label has discovered and promoted previously unknown talent on a huge scale, “in the spirit of jazz” and is one of the most important and best-loved jazz labels in the world.

What drives ACT forward is the search to bring magic musical moments to listeners with receptive ears. Jazz is at the epicentre, but there is an openness – and in all directions. No fears, then, when it comes to letting different genres rub up against each other. It is in lockstep with the ethos of now, but also looks forward. ACT surprises listeners again and again with the way it connects the unexpected.

Having released more than 500 albums, the label has written part of the continuing story of jazz. The ACT label aims to bring its listeners huge variety, new discoveries and constant surprises.

Magic Moments 10 presents 14 tunes and 67 minutes of best jazz-infotainment through the recent ACT programme, with ACT stars, newcomers and new arrivals.