Friday, September 22, 2017

USA:Davida Singer & John Rangel- Naked Romance(2017)

Davida Singer & John Rangel | Naked Romance
"Davida Singer is a love gangster, a trickster. Writing in her honey drawl for all she's worth. Writing with a passion so indomitable it will keep you hungering for one more poem. Like Lorca, she dreams that we are all love singers, poems waiting to be read aloud." Frank London, Grammy Award-winning composer/trumpeter

NAKED ROMANCE is a fusion of poetry and music, featuring poetry and voice by New York poet/performance artist Davida Singer and a jazz and classical-inspired score composed and performed by Santa Fe-based composer/pianist John Rangel. Texts come from Singer's collection of poetry, NAMED ROMANCE AND THEN SOME (Aldrich Press, 2015). Inspired by the poet's experience of living in New York City and Taos, New Mexico, they explore the yearning for connection in an increasingly disquieted and desensitized world, while finding magic in everyday life. The goal of this project is for the two art forms -- poetry and music -- to breathe into one another, with each medium retaining its own integrity and distinct voice.

The multimedia project "Naked Romance" has been performed in New York City, Santa Fe and Taos, with original videos by Swiss visual artist Nicole Schmoelzer.