Tuesday, July 4, 2017

USA: new music release: Various Artists - "To Sir Paul With Love"- Posi-Tone

new music release:

Various Artists - "To Sir Paul With Love"

A Posi-Tone 75th birthday tribute
to Paul McCartney.
How can we at Posi-Tone show our sincere appreciation and affection for one of the greatest songwriters in all of time? What kind of special 75th birthday surprise can we put together for someone who has already been given every accolade and award imaginable? Maybe we could accomplish both of these objectives simultaneously with an album of music. “To Sir Paul With Love” assembles a collection of instrumental jazz interpretations of some of his most popular compositions. These precious songs are lovingly performed by a wide variety of artists from our talented roster.

track listing:
1. Jon Davis - Yesterday -  3:04
2. Michael Dease - Live And Let Die 3:56*
3. Roxy Coss - Oh! Darling - 4:15
4. Jim Rotondi - We Can Work It Out - 5:50
5. Sean Nowell - I Will - 5:01
6. Jon Davis - She’s Leaving Home - 5:46
7. Jared Gold - Maybe I’m Amazed - 4:38
8. Behn Gillece - Blackbird - 2:50*
9. Amanda Monaco - Let ‘Em In - 4:35*
10. Jon Davis - Here Today - 3:12*

*previously unreleased 
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