Thursday, July 13, 2017

USA: Jazz Vocalist Kris Russell Releases New CD Single “Down in Brazil”

Jazz Vocalist Kris Russell Releases New CD Single “Down in Brazil”

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Vocalist: Kris Russell
Music and Lyrics: Michael Franks
Musical accompaniment: The Mystery Jazz Ensemble — 6 talented session musicians that all have a repertoire of major label credits
Arrangement: Kris Russell and The Mystery Jazz Ensemble
Producer: Kris Russell
Mixed and recorded at StudioPros in Los Angeles and at in Las Vegas
Mastered at StudioPros in Los Angeles, Calif USA 2017
Publisher: Warner–Tamerlane Corp. (BMI) and Mississippi Mud (BMI)
Track time 4:00 

Jazz Vocalist Kris Russell is pleased to announce the release her new single “Down in Brazil,” a contemporary Bossa Nova with music and lyrics written by Jazz singer and award-winning artist and composer Michael Franks, with a new arrangement by Kris Russell and the Mystery Jazz Ensemble.
It will be featured on, Global Radio and other radio stations in the USA and around the world on May 15, 2017.
Kris is excited and eager to build on the momentum from her rst single released last year, a sophisticated, sultry, symphonic Bossa Nova with arrangement by Richard Rome, of Cole Porter’s classic Jazz Standard, “I Concentrate On You.”
“Down in Brazil” was recorded at StudioPros in Los Angeles and arranged by Kris Russell and The Mystery Jazz Ensemble, six talented session musicians who all have a repertoire of major label credits. It is a more contemporary and driving Bossa Nova that has the Smooth Jazz feel, because of the emphasis and the inclusion of the guitar and saxophone. With the release of this second new single Kris decided to incorporate a newer sound and still include the traditional instrumentation and sound of traditional Bossa Nova that she loves. She e ortlessly blends into this new recording of “Down in Brazil” the style and the sophisticated sound of those early powerful in uences of the great jazz singers she heard while growing up.
Brazil, with its pulsating, rhythmic sounds, incredible food, gorgeous sandy beaches, unique smells, vibrant colors and beautiful music, inspired Kris to create her newest CD single “Down in Brazil.”
Jazz Vocalist Kris Russell was born and raised in Sacramento, California. As a teenager, she discovered her passion for singing jazz music, but recalls singing from the early age of seven years old. While most of her friends were listening to folk and rock music, Kris was listening to and learning from her parents and their vast collection of jazz recordings. Both her parents were working jazz musicians, and together they formed the “Jerry Murphy Quartet” entertaining in and around Sacramento and Northern California for over 40 years.

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