Monday, July 3, 2017

UK/CANADA: Antoine Fafard-Proto Mundi: new album for 2017!

Proto Mundi: new album for 2017!

I'm pleased to announce an exciting new album project which will be released by the end of 2017. Proto Mundi is the name of the new album which will feature Simon Phillips on drums, Jerry Goodman on violin, Gary Husband on lead keyboard and myself on bass and guitars.

Proto Mundi will be accompanied with a bonus album entitled Doomsday Vault which features remixed pieces from my first three albums plus four previously unreleased tracks.

You can pre-order this double-album package now and help directly the making of this project which is near completion. You will receive a double CD package plus the digital version of all the music totaling two hours of music.

In parallel, there's also a special limited edition five-album box set which is available.

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