Wednesday, July 5, 2017

CANADA: Lucioles-Théâtre magique (2017)

Guillaume Martineau returns with "Théâtre magique", an eclectic musical journey rich in sounds and sources from classical to circus, improvised music, jazz, rock all blended with taste and a sense for surprise. The title of the album rings a bell to those familiar with Herman Hesse's novel, Steppenwolf. The metaphorical magic theatre imagined by Hesse gives a good hint about the spirit of the album: magical, dark toned, weird, energetic, sentimental, a vibrant world of fantasy built with passion and freshness by all musicians of "Lucioles". Guillaume Martineau on piano is moving freely between the different facets of this world of imaginaire leaving a lot of creative room to his fellows musicians who each leave their personal mark throughout the album..
The music is flowing with finesse while the listener is lead to navigate through these musical stories with the curiosity and grace of a child amazed to discover the lights and the shadows of a life's journey. "Théâtre magique" is an enjoyable invitation to experience the musical world of Lucioles who didn't spare any of their multiple talents to warm your heart with their talents.

Guillaume Martineau (piano-compositions)
Robbie Kuster (drums-producer)
François Jalbert (guitars)
Simon Pagé (bass)
Erika Angell (voice)
Mélanie Bélair (strings)