Saturday, April 28, 2018

BRAZIL: (Update) Igor Willcox-#1(2017)

Igor Willcox, drummer and composer, will present the songs of his first solo album, titled # 1.With elements of jazz, funky and fusion, the album shows the composer side of the artist, exploring all his musicality, spontaneity as a drummer and interaction with the musicians.The CD features the special guests Bocato, Carlos Tomati, Vini Morales, Clayton Sousa, Glecio Nascimento, Rubem Farias, Bruno Alves, Erik Escobar, Jj Frannco, Fernando Rosa and Marcus Cesar.

Igor Willcox, a descendant of several generations of musicians, was influenced by his father, Paulo César Willcox (maestro and arranger, pianist and vibraphone) and his mother, Sonia Willcox (singer).

Considered one of the most important drummers in Brazil, Igor played and recorded with
important artists of the national and international scene as; Jimmie Bo Horn, Guilherme
Arantes, Familia Lima, Sandy & Junior, Daniela Mercury, Rappin Hood, Fernanda Porto, Frejat,
Gary Brown among other artists.

In the instrumental music he played and recorded with Bocato, Frank Colon (Weather Report),Tony Lakatos, Carlos Tomati, Michel Leme, Marcinho Eiras, Bocato, Lea Freire, David Richards, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Zerró Santos, Walmir Gil, Jarbas Barbosa, Djalma Lima, Wilson,Teixeira, Rubem Farias, Erik Escobar, Decebal Badila, Sandro Haick, Lanny Gordin, Hélio Delmiro, etc.

His album with the trio "New Samba Jazz", released by the Swiss label Altrisuoni Records, had
excellent reviews in Europe, Asia, USA and Brazil, becoming Best Seller of the label for 4 years.

Igor Willcox 4tet is formed by:
Clayton Sousa - sax
Vini Morales - electric piano and synths
Glecio Nascimento–bass
Igor Willcox-drums

Track List:
1- Brotherhood (Igor Willcox)
2- The Scare (Igor Willcox)
3- Old Friends (Erik Escobar)
4- Julie's Blues (Igor Willcox)
5- Brad Vibe (Vini Morales)
6- Thankful (Erik Escobar)
7- Room 73 (Igor Willcox)
8- Waltz For My Love (Igor Willcox)
9- Lifetime (Igor Willcox)