Friday, June 9, 2017

USA/BRAZIL: Antonio Adolfo-Hybrido - From Rio to Wayne Shorter (2017)

Antonio Adolfo | Hybrido - From Rio to Wayne Shorter 

This album by Antonio Adolfo is a Brazilian Tribute to the genius of Jazz, composer and saxophonist Wayne Shorter. Recorded in Rio, several styles are combined such as Samba, Bossa, Afoxé, Baião, etc. The compositions are performed by a horn based group
The mixing of races and different cultures is irreversible in today's world.
In music, this trend has been happening for a long time and has resulted in a very healthy hybridism of different musical genres.
The improvising musician can experience this richness intensely, because while he creates there is no time to produce this or that label. On the contrary, he can accommodate different sounds and cultures immediately, even without realizing it.
It is a very difficult task to describe what is happening in an interaction between musicians without experiencing it — as is the case with the musicians on this CD.

The music of the great Wayne Shorter is predominant in this recording. It has especially inspired me through his melodies and harmonies, which have continued to influence musicians of several generations and continents.
On the other hand, music from different cultures has also influenced him, whether in his compositions or magisterial interpretations as a saxophonist, during the last several decades.
The repertoire presented here is mostly from the '60s and — as incredible as it may seem — is of an unusual relevance, giving us the chance to travel musically, infinitely.

I was also 'hooked" as a composer and arranger, and encouraged to create something that would fit into this healthy mix.

Finally, the musicians and I gave the musical mixture our viralata (mongrel) and mestizo touch, to translate it into what is presented on this new CD, HYBRIDO – from Rio to Wayne Shorter.

Antonio Adolfo