Thursday, June 22, 2017

USA: ALEXIS PARSONS QUARTET Appearing at Jazz At Kitano Wednesday, July 5th Two Sets: 8p & 10p

66 Park Ave, New York, NY 10016
(212) 885-7119
$17 Cover - $20 minimum
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Reservations suggested
"Alexis Parsons" - List of Best CD's of 2012
by DownBeat Magazine - January 2013
"All these songs of love have their anchor in the paradoxical world reflected  by Alexis Parsons’ self-titled series of tomes on the theme of conflicted, difficult arrangements (Self Release; 40:35 ★★★★).

Accompanied by pianist Frank Kimbrough, the bloom’s off as Parsons delivers an unmannered “The Winter Of My Discontent,” followed by a wistful look back with “Hello Young Lovers,” only to be followed up by a rare, upbeat swinger with “Just Squeeze Me.” The mood is melancholic, as the more seasoned Parsons’ breathy, desultory delivery reminds us that love is not a game to be entered into lightly."

By John Ephland - "Sirens of Today" - DownBeat Magazine
"....she deserves as much credit for her storytelling abilities as she does for her singing.  She inhabits these songs as if they represent her very being, making Alexis Parsons an alluring listen from start to finish."

By Dan Bilawsky - All About Jazz 

"...she puts everything on the line with a piano and voice recording that would leave the less experienced artist fully exposed and ripe for a potentially critical cyber autopsy..."

By Brent Black - @