Monday, June 5, 2017

UK: Blazing Flame Quintet -The Set List Shuffle(Leo Records 2017)

This sixth CD by Blazing Flame is what might be heard at a Blazing Flame Quintet gig. The January 2017 recording, played live at The Factory, Bristol, UK, contains no overdubs; the music is improvised. The intensity in Steve Day's songs takes a track like Specimen Orchid into a politicised jazz history akin to secular chant. Steve Day - voice, percussion, Peter Evans - el. violin, Mark Langford - tenor sax, bass clarinet, Julian Dale - bass, Anton Henley - drums.
Leo Records

Blazing Flame Quintet are (left2right) Julian Dale (double bass, cello), Peter Evans (5 string electric violin), Anton Henley (drums, percussion), Steve Day (voice, words, percussion), Mark Langford (tenor sax, bass clarinet

There's a buzz about Blazing Flame Quintet. German writer, Rigobert Dittman described vocalist/poet Steve Day's music as having "astonishing imagination and an alchemical flame..." The UK's top jazz magazine, Jazzwise, has referred to Peter Evan's violin performance being on "startling form". Mark Langford (tenor sax, bass clarinet), has a reputation as a phenomenal musician with 'underground improv' status. The bass/drums team of Julian Dale and Anton Henley fuse orchestral composition and the blues. Jazz author Marcus O'Dair likened Steve Day to a cross between Tom Waits and Vic Reeves before stating: "....if that sounds absurd, it isn't."