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FRANCE: Sea Song(e)s Freely inspired by the universe of the album of Robert Wyatt "Sea Song", in 4tet with Sophia Domancich, Bruno Tocanne, Antoine Läng and Rémi Gaudillat.

 Sea Song(e)s Freely inspired by the universe of the album of Robert Wyatt "Sea Song", in 4tet with Sophia Domancich, Bruno Tocanne, Antoine Läng and Rémi Gaudillat.


« So beautifully refined - abstracted essences...The whole sound you make together is magical ! »Robert WYATT 23/04/2017


Encouraged by the enthusiasm sparked by our work on the Carla Bley's "Escalator Over The Hill", approved by the composer herself at the end of a concert  of our "Over The Hills" in  Nevers Jazz Festival, then after listening to our album released in December 2015 (CHOC Jazz Magazine), we wished to work around another monument that had a lasting influence on the artistic and intellectual approaches of the actual music of these last 40 years: Robert Wyatt's
"Rock Bottom" . Decades after its release in 1974, this album still appears as a disk with a mystical splendor, a burning issue, a UFO of music which offers a perfect view of the synthesis between pop-rock, jazz, psychedelic, between writing and improvisation ... with an emotion in its purest form!
The presence of Sophia Domancich belonging to "the School of Canterbury" which includes several British artists including Robert Wyatt, Daevid Allen (Gong), or Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine) is not obviously not due to chance.

Bruno Tocanne, initiator of "Over The Hills", artistic director of imuZZic network and Sophia  Domancich know each others since a long time and  have registered the first disc of her trio "Funerals" with John Greaves , already very close to Robert Wyatt universe. How to imagine a project around the universe of Robert Wyatt without trumpet? Rémi Gaudillat, musical companion of Bruno Tocanne since ten years, one of the pillars of the network imuZZic, accepted this new challenge with the enthusiasm that characterizes him, as Antoine Läng, Swiss singer-improviser  perfectly mastering the electronic effects, that many have discovered with enthousisam in France with "Over the Hills". As we usually do with imuZZic network, we present here a collective project, a project where each one brings his sense of the game, his ideas, his partitions, his emotions ... Sharing the music, combining the singular to the plural.

The thematic is close to the work presented around Syd Barrett with the I.overdrive trio or more recently - with a work on voice and electronic effects - on the Opera of Carla Bley: an extension, anchored in the avtuality, of the creative ferment   of   60'-70' This was  first a common wish to work on an emblematic song of the album of Robert Wyatt:  "Sea Song", which will determine the direction that will take this new adventure. The idea was then to decline this song, to make it evolve
in a spirit similar to that of Wyatt, both pop, rock, jazz, improvised, psychedelic. Then, progressively, we decided to include more personal texts, like those proposed by Antoine Läng, but also some of Marcel Kanche (to whom we owe some tubes of Matthew Cheddid or Axel Bauer ...). Domancich, who worked with singers such as John Greaves and Robert Wyatt himself, was then proposed to add a few songs wich she wrote the music So this is not there a recovery but rather a creation with a large majority of personal compositions and original texts, based on a free interpretation of the universe proposed by Robert Wyatt in the 70s.

The album will release on November 2017 (Cristal records)​


Sophia Domancich Piano, Keyboards, compositions 
Determined musician, digging the groove of piano on the borders of jazz and improvised music, Domancich cultivates requirement and fidelity lasting collaborations ...His meeting with drummer Pip Pyle will bring her to play often with English progressive rock musicians (Canterbury School) like the bassist and vocalist John Greaves, the saxophonist Elton Dean or bassist Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine ) with whom she participates with Didier Malherbeto « Equip 'Out » (Album1986). Having listened his first record ( "Funerals", 1991, with Bruno Tocanne), the English drummer Tony Levin invite her to play with him three weeks at the Ronnie Scott's in London with the bassist Paul
Rogers. This is the beginning of a fruitful collaboration - four albums testify of that - that , for eight years, will allow them to fully explore a repertoire mainly written by the pianist... Domancich always gives the measure of his sensitivity, his sense of melody, attentive to the silence, revealing some controlled thunderstorms... In this music listening and breathing with impressionist qualities, refusing automation, writing is closely interwoven with improvised music in exploring the virtues of slowness and of the atmospheres of mystery... In 1995, she formed a quartet with two trumpeters, Jean-François Canape and Patrick Fabert. Part of the National Jazz Orchestra directed by Didier Levallet, she develops an accompanying activity, while keeping links with British musicians (Evan Parker, Paul Dunmall), the closer to the French scene ( Eric Barret, Jean-Jacques Avenel, Claude Barthélemy which prompted the creation of Barthématiques...) In 1999, the Academy of Jazz awarded him the Django Reinhardt prize which salutes the French musician of the year. In 2001, she is refocusing on its own musicand form a new trio with bassist Claude Tchamitchian
and drummer Simon Goubert, exploring forms more open to improvisation.Michel Marre and Jean-Luc Cappozzo will join them for the quintet Pentacle (2003 Sketch label) whose originality is based mainly on the association of sounds of euphonium and trumpet. She works again with John Greaves and with Vincent Courtois in 2002 , then with Elton Dean and Hugh Hopper, participated to the creation of "Soft Bounds" in 2005 with Simon Goubert on drums,  a group explicitly included in the heritage of Soft machine ... "   Vincent Bessières

Rémi Gaudillat  Trumpet, flugelhorn, compositions
After studying music at the Conservatoire of Lyon, Rémi Gaudillat created in 2003 its first formation, the trio "No violence". A disc has been recorded in 2004, which involved trumpeter Jean-Luc Cappozzo. He then joined the quintet of pianist Joachim Expert, with whom he won the Jury Prize "Suivez le Jazz". In 2005 he created "Dr. Lester", a brass band inspired by the Lester Bowie's Brass Fantasy. The brass band  won the springboard "Suivez le Jazz." in 2006.
Three discs appear, the last, "No Way !" welcoming Glenn Ferris as guest. In 2010, Rémi Gaudillat writes "Orpheus", a show combining theater and music around the famous myth. In 2012, he created a quartet with Fred Roudet (tp), Loïc Bachevilliers (tbn) and Laurent Vichard (cl). A first recording, "The Song of the Possibles",  was published in 2013 under the label IMR then they took the name of "Possible (S) Quartet". Alongside his personal projects, Rémi Gaudillat joined in 2006 the imuZZic network. Fe particpate to mosy of the projects : the first series of Bruno Tocanne 's "new dreams" ,
the Libre Ensemble, the I.Overdrive trio with Philippe Gordiani, "Round about 68" wiyh Hassse Poulsen, the I.Overdrive this trio with the singer Marcel Kanche around songs of Léo Ferré. In 2012, he recorded also in New York with the French-american's quartet of Bruno Tocanne (In a Suggestive Way). In 2014, he participated in the project imuZZic Grand (s) Ensemble, "Over The Hills" as a musician and arranger and he co-directs "Canto De Multitudes" with Bruno Tocanne (inspired by the Canto General of Pablo Neruda), command of the Montbrison's Theatre. The imuZZic
network was also the occasion of musical encounters with Louis Sclavis, Jean-Philippe Viret, Domancich, Daniel Erdmann, Hasse Poulsen, Quinsin Nachoff (Can), Russ Lossing (USA), Michael Bates (USA), Samuel Blaser (Switzerland), Russ Johnson (USA), Stefano Risso (IT), Frederico Casagrande (IT), Banz Oester (CH), Denis Beuret (CH). It also occurs occasionally with the big bands "The Very Big Toubifri Experimental Orchestra" and "Bigre ! "

Antoine Läng Vocal, electro, compositions
Born in 1975 in Switzerland, Antoine Läng tackles very early his first instrument, the voice, in many aspects, fascinated by the plasticity of voice, his approach to the instrument now extends to several registers - spoken, sung, noisy - and includes some vocal's technique at the border of the lyrical sophistication and the brute animality. His debut in the rock band "Ilkhah" led him to develop some versatility in the use of voice in various registers such as singing, yelling or rap. This taste for hybridization and experimentation then the wish to use electronics to the voice permit him to extend the field of possible. Initiated with rock and metal groups, this process momentum is now more
and more directed towards the experimental and improvised music. His most recent projects, his solo performances and the occasional impromptu meetings in which he took part are opportunities to show the possible combinations of electronics and voice. Active in the Geneva Association Akouphène since 2008, Antoine Läng is involved in the festival program   of   the   same   name.   It   is   also   part   of   the   Insubordinations  association   whose   activities   focus   on   the development of improvised music scene in Switzerland. Antoine joined the imuZZic network via his active amazing
participation and in the "Over The Hills" project.

Bruno Tocanne drums, artistic direction
"A sensitive colorist whose deep sense of listening is the mark of an artist in a constant state of arousal ... Many beautiful things have happenedsince the early 90s in particular when he played alongside Sophia Domancich and imprinted his mark on the album "Funerals" (with John Greaves) then with the Trio Résistances and its three feverish albums whose melodies, like hymns,remain imprinted in you a long time; Bruno Tocanne told us about his dreams with the series of "new dreams" with a few notable musicians like Rémi Gaudillat, Quinsin Nachoff (Canada),
Michael Bates (USA), Samuel Blaser (CH), Fred Roudet ... he leaned happily on a certain art of suggestion with "in a suggestive way" by recording an album in New York with pianist Russ Lossing (companion of Paul Motian to whom is dedicated to this album), he told about his freedom in a vital album "Libre (s) Ensemble", has made beautiful improvised album with pianist Henri Roger, he delivered electricity in his music with the guitarist Alain Blesing for an explosive" Madkluster "... Co-pilot of an I.Overdrive trio taut as a bow, he recorded with his accomplices Philippe
Gordiani and Rémi Gaudillat a tribute to Syd Barrett, founder of Pink Floyd, before crossing the road of Léo Ferré with complicity of Marcel Kanche; never satiated new landscapes, he lent the support of his skins and cymbals to the bewitching song of Senem Diyici... The list is not exhaustive and continuous history " Denis Desassis - Citizen Jazz

Bruno Tocanne founded the imuZZic network in 2000 following a three-year residency at the Elysee - Lyon (Agapes) 2014 - 2017 Bruno Tocanne is at the initiative of "Over The Hills", a reinterpretation of the iconic Opera of Carla Bley "Escalator Over The Hill" with the imuZZic Grand Ensemble, which receives support of the composer, in addition to the invaluable help of Steve Swallow. He also co-directs the Gaudillat - Tocanne / "Canto de Multitudes", participates in the new Marcel Kanche's project (including a CD released in November 2015 for Pbox - Caramba Productions), he plays with musicians among the most creative of the jazz and improvised music in Europe, such as
Federico Casagrande, Didier Levallet, Daniel Erdmann, Michel Benita, Francesco Bearzatti, Stefano Risso. .. Not to mention a memorable tour of over 40 concerts across Siberia in the summer of 2014, with Fred Roudet and Alain Blesing.

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