Monday, May 22, 2017

USA: Ravish Momin & Tarana News

Dear Friends of Creative Music:

It's been a while since I've sent out an update. Lots in the works for my band Tarana for the Fall. More immediately, I will be undertaking a solo drums/electronics tour. While I've performed solo in Italy and Lebanon, this will be the first time I'll do so in the US! I will be recording a solo album later this summer as well.  

Tour kicks off in Washington DC at Rhizome, on the 18th, with the mighty Luke Stewart and amazing Thomas Stanley performing later as well. 1st visit to Nashville on the 19th, thanks to FMRL Arts!  The 20th will see two b2b events, a workshop in Chattanooga, TN (Soundcorps) (2:30p) and an evening concert at ATHICA  (8p) in Athens,GA  featuring a duet with the highly original Killick.

On the 21st, I'll be in Columbia, SC (Infinite Room), and on the 22nd, I'll be at the Mothlight in Asheville, NC- been wanting to play here for a while!!  New experimental series on the 23rd brings me to Raleigh (Ruby Deluxe) and I close things out with the lovey Black Iris Gallery, Richmond, VA on the 24th - where the carefully curated past performers list includes Matmos, Julianna Barwick, Marc Ribot and Helado Negro for starters.. 
May US Solo Tour (May 18 - 25)
HOT OFF THE PRESS for this May tour, the Columbia FreeTimes says: "Watching Ravish Momin play is a bewildering experience. Drums are supposed to be a non-melodic instrument, yet as he sits alone onstage playing his kit, you can hear eerie, spectral tunes emanating from somewhere. There are vocal samples and looped beats flying through the air, too, but by now the average music fan knows what a musician can do with effects and pedals to create those elements. This is something different. It’s a percussionist creating his own musical world, triggering electronic effects in a way that works them into his relentlessly propulsiv