Thursday, May 18, 2017

Nguyen Le & Ngo Hong Quang - Ha Noi Duo (ACT 2017)

Nguyên Lê defines what lies at the heart of this collaboration: “Ngô Hồng Quang and I are two Vietnamese musicians whose upbringing and musical education and evolution could not have followed more different paths. And yet we have found that we both share common goals: to express and to share the soul of Vietnam with the wider world, to bring together the roots and the future of Vietnamese music.(ACT)
01 Cloud Chamber (feat. Paolo Fresu)
02 Five Senses (feat. Mieko Miyazaki & Prabhu Edouard)
03 Like Mountain Birds
04 A Night with You, Gone (feat. Paolo Fresu & Mieko Miyazaki)
05 The Graceful Seal (feat. Paolo Fresu)
06 Heaven's Gourd
07 Chiec Khan Pieu (feat. Paolo Fresu & Prabhu Edouard)
08 Monkey Queen (feat. Stephane Edouard)
09 Beggar's Love Song (feat. Alex Tran)
10 Silently Grows the Rice